Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Day 2

Getting to know the Whole Number in Day 2

I almost fell asleep in the beginning of the lesson but was wide awake when Dr Yeap told us to get in groups and create an addition story using number 8 and 6. Although our group got a bit lost as we are wondering how to start the ideas suddenly came upon seeing the work that one of the groups put up. When all groups put up their work, we realised that the language used in the addition story can interpret a different meaning.

This is what I discovered from the different answers given by each group and after the class discussion to see the differences in the addition story.

Ø  The original version

Lila has 8 pencils, Shanti gives her 6 more pencils.

How many pencils does Lila have now?

Ø  Part whole problem

Jolene has 8 sweets .Tracee has 6 sweets.

How many sweets do they have altogether?

Ø  Comparison

Ali has $8. Mary has $6 more than Ali.

How much do they have altogether?

On the whole, I realised that by using different language in the addition story will give a different meaning to it                                            .



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