Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Day 4

Theories and More Theories in Day 4
We discussed two of Piaget’s theory today. According to Piaget :
v  Assimilation happens when a child responds to a new event. In this process, new information is added to the existing knowledge.
v  Accomodation is the process when a child responds to a conflict and the child modifies an existing schema or form another new schema to solve the problem.
Today, we also discussed about van Hiele’s theory.
·         Level 1: Analysis (drawing and verbal skills)
           Children at the analysis level think in terms of properties.
          They can list all of the properties of a figure but don’t see any relationships between
          the properties, and don’t realize that some properties imply others.
·         Level 2:  Informal Deductive (verbal skills)
            Children at the informal deduction level not only think about properties but also are
            able to notice relationships within and between figures.
·         Level 3: Deduction
Children at the formal deductive level think about relationships between properties of
            shapes and also understand relationships between axioms, definitions, theorems,
            corollaries, and postulates. They understand how to do a formal proof and understand   
            why it is needed.
We had several activities using tangrams. Using the tangrams provided, we are supposed to make a bigger shape using the smaller ones. It was a challenged in the beginning, but after a few attempts, we had fun J

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